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John Williams

John Williams Fine Art

Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Self taught Artist from Gloucestershire in the UK.

I am Amateur Water Colour / Acrylic Artist /Pastel
If you like my style of portrait work please feel free to contact me.
Work mostly on A4 size for Portrait Paintings in water colour.
I usually work from Photographs as a guide in my paintings.
My large Canvas Paintings in Acrylics, are usually painting from my own Imagination.

I like Painting Portraits, Wild Animals,still life & Landscapes.

I also enjoy Doing Photography & paint from my Photographic images.
My wife and I took up the hobby of Art in Sept 2012 and have been hooked ever since.
On my Gallery you can follow my progress as an artist as I begin to learn new techniques.
My other Interests are Hill Walking,Fishing,Cycling and Filming.

I am a Member of The Society for All Artists (Society for All Artists in the UK & also a member of Fine-art America)

My Galleries can be found at the links below.

My SAA Gallery

My FAA Gallery

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Hope you Enjoy my Work! Please leave comments................

ps if you like my work you may also like to take a look at my Wife's Paintings also

Copyright Notice
All images, Drawings & Painting are the property of Lord.John F Williams of Lochaber and may not be used wholly or in part without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, including copying, duplicating, printing, publishing (including on a web site), reproducing, storing, or transmitting by any means what so ever.
Lord.John F Williams of Lochaber 2012-


Cann Lane Carp


Cann Lane Pool


Adlestrop lake


Wonderland Trip 3


Wonderland Trip 2


Wonderland Trip


Rusty Plough


New Quay Rocks


Lobster Pots


Gulls in the Surf


New Quay Waves 2


New Quay waves 1


New Quay Waves


New Quay Beach 1


New Quay Gull 3


New Quay harbour 1


New Quay Harbour


New Quay Beach


new quay gull 2


new quay gull 1


new quay gull


crooked spire


Tintern Abbey


Wye Dale Duckling


The Mantells